Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you perform outside?

Yes, there is no problem with this (apart from the weather). The magic I perform is perfect for this situation, especially when your guests are all waiting to be called for the wedding photographs.


Q: Do you entertain the children?

Absolutely. All children love a magician and I make a special fuss of them as I work to the adults. The best way is to include them in the family groups and they enjoy the fun too!


Q: Can we book you for just 1 hour?

Yes, if you only have a very small and intimate gathering. The reason for this is I like to be able to get round to entertain everyone at the reception and there is nothing worse that people hearing lots of applause and laughter in a large room and not being able to see the magic themselves.

All weddings are different, the normal time spent performing at a wedding is 2 hours. This gives Olly enough time to amaze all your guests.

For more intimate weddings, Olly offers a shorter session, giving everyone the chance to experience the thrill of having some astonishing magic performed just for them!


Q, Do you perform some special magic for the bride and groom?

Yes, if they would like me to. This makes a great photo opportunity for everyone and adds that "special touch of magic" to the day.


Q, My son is a big magic fan. Can you perform a really amazing trick just for him?


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